I would have to say this is one of the surprise sleeper albums of the year!" 9 out of 10 http://www.truemetallives.com/blog1/tony-gabrieles-orbynot-without-a-trace” - Mark Vander Zanden

True Metal Lives

TonyBro's Interview with Dreyman Magazine Back in April 2014.” - Ksenia Dreyman

Dreyman Magazine

Well it looks like our hard work is paying off! Just got the 1st reviews from our latest single “Hit It Up” (feat Poc)!!!   “Hit you in the face instrumentals and tempo right from the start and then the vocals kick in with a fire that propel the high energy of this song forward. The lyrics are strong and delivered with a great rich articulation. The acoustic tones blend in great unison that takes the listener of a fun ride of music. This piece moves nicely and smoothly from in your face raw to a smooth provocative seduction that thrills. The drum emphasizes the seduction and the imagination is captured and launched into a guitar solo that is deliciously hot. The back vocals compliment the main vocals and leave a taunting vibe. This is a song that you don’t want to end. I would buy this song because it has such high energy.”   “Nice intro to this type of song start with the voices right away and i think that’s a good thing if done right. So far i think everything is being done really well and the use of the guitars is great and has me rocking my head back and forth nah. Really great use of the electric guitar! Very sharp and unapologetic kind of sound and that’s how they should sound in this type of musical genre. they are hard and steely instruments and should sound and be treated as such here so really good job with that. I’m really liking the riffs they sounds really nice and the vocals are also really great here and you sound like you know what you are doing. you've got a solid sound going on. keep it!”   “The song we have here is a depiction of the long summer nights with so many drinks up in her cup, throw it up drink it up keep a drink up in her cup. rebellious synths accompanied the guitar tones and the fast beating of drums like a bomb dropped because of the shot of whiskey. But I like this tune. The beat gets progressively faster as the mood of the song increases throughout.”   “The song has a rocking fast pace with the help of the guitar playing and drums playing good. They both in melody and the sound of them combine together sounds awesome. I love the guitar and drum solo they really know how to rock.”   “The artist hit her lyrics with the instruments playing in the back ground. Her voice was hard core with the sounds. The solo of the guitar was on key and with the drums in the back ground inhabited the sound.”   “This song has some great energy to it. She can really sing. Lots of different uses of dynamics and expression in the vocals makes this very interesting and a pleasure to listen to. I would turn this up in my car if it was playing. Love the tempo and the beat coming from the accompaniment. Guitar solo is very impressive. It all harmonizes well together with a solid melody.”   “Amazing guitar playing! The music, the arrangement, the melody is all spot on. I would say that the music, band, instrument players as a whole have the potential to have a successful music career. Can't get enough of that amazing guitar playing. Wow!!”   “The echoes of the song were cool, and the melody was explosive in sound. This song is a mix of joy and rage, and had conviction and energy in the sound. The poetry and tunes made you want to dance to it.”   “Great atmosphere. The guitar tone is raw and fabulous, and the drums are kicking. Very upbeat tempo... The guitar lick at 1:10 was amazing!”” - Crowd Review

— Reverbnation

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