Metal Rose - Former Lead Vocals

Sandra Marie Josephs (Metal Rose) has been singing and playing piano for more than 27 years. She started out playing by ear at 3 years of age and loved to compose her own songs. She began taking piano lessons by age 5. Sandra was very lucky to have two wonderful parents who noticed her talents and nurtured them at a very young, impressionable age. She also had a wonderfully inspirational piano teacher who always encouraged her to follow her dreams which only made Sandra more determined to be a lifelong musician.

At age 12 she auditioned and was accepted into Northern New Jersey’s Exclusive "Area Band” in which she played xylophone. That same year she watched the “Behind The Music of Ozzy Osbourne” with her Father who was a big influence on Sandra’s life and musical taste. After watching that behind the music, Sandra’s father bought her a Black Sabbath album which changed her life forever. She became a certified Metal Head.

Not only did Sandra become a certified Metal Head, but she also had to learn everything about the artists who created such amazing songs. Luckily her Dad was quite the Rock 'N' Roll historian so she learned quite a bit from him. She learned lots of things about Rock 'N' Roll history from her Dad, she read many books, watched countless documentaries, and did massive research through the years. She eventually got herself a gig doing her very own Heavy Metal History Corner on a radio show called Headbanger’s Cafe.

At 18 Sandy auditioned and was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music Adult program in NYC for their composition and contemporary music classes. Also at Juilliard she studied music technology and ear training. In addition she played a lot of solo shows in cafes & restaurants. Most recently she played a show at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ for a very special program called the “Metal Heroes” which was lead by Metal Mike Chlasciak of the band Halford. In that program she sang classic Heavy Metal songs while Metal Mike trained a group of students to play for a successful Heavy Metal show in only 5 weeks.

Sandra was so lucky to meet a really great guitarist & friend, Tonybro of Orbynot. Through this experience she accepted an offer as the lead singer for Orbynot. Aside from pursuing her dreams as a metal star & historian, Sandy loves kids and teaches piano for a living. She is also a young mother who relates well and is sensitive to other young musicians and creative people's needs. Her story is a personal success story and it just goes to show that you should never give up on your true dreams.

Sarah Teets - Guest Vocals

  Sarah had always known from a young age that she wanted to pursue music professionally. Over the years, she’s developed her vocal skills in a variety of different styles while having the opportunity to perform at a number of prestigious events and locations, including the White House in 2003. As a teenager, she realized that rock and metal music was her true calling and began sharpening her skills with her original band Necromance. Sarah’s accuracy and stamina are some of her biggest assets when it comes to performing. At the young age of 23, her journey to the top of the metal scene has only just begun.

Kobra Paige - Guest Vocals

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Sean Peck - Guest Vocals

"Scream King" Joe Lawson - Guest Vocals

Poc - Guest Vocals

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